Physical Model Test Facility

The physical model test facility at Richmond filed station is a CoE facility used for undergraduate and graduate education, research, and for commercial work. If you are interested in testing at the facility, contact the co-director.

Professor Omer Savas is the facility’s director, and Assistant Professor Simo Makiharju is the co-director.

a) 2.40 m wide, 1.80 m deep, 64 m long tow lank looking toward the beach, and b) the observation pit.



a) Model building shop and b) electrical shop rooms providing workspace to students.

Front view of the manned carriage. Maximum speed of this carriage is 1.75 m/s.

An unmanned carriage has a maximum speed of 8 m/s, and for some tests 12 m/s can be achieved.

Tank has a wave maker capable of generating O(10cm) amplitude waves at up to O(1 Hz).