Facilities & Equipment


Under construction:

  • 6.26 m (W) x 5.45 m (D) x 9.58 m (H) X-ray shielded space (usable with up to 225 kV sources with current approvals) with 5 ton ceiling crane
  • (10 cm)2 cavitation and low-pressure boiling vertical water tunnel
  • 1/2″ ID two phase drag reduction or mixing flow loop
  • Time-averaged X-ray CT system (resolution down to O(100micron) )
  • Time-resolved 13kHz X-ray densitometry system


Specialized equipment belonging to the FLOW lab:

  • 13 kHz X-ray imager (1st of it’s kind – resulting from collaboration of mfg. & PI)
  • High speed imager, Phantom v1210 (1Mpix @ >12kHz to ~820kHz @ ~14kPix)
  • Double-pulse Nd:YAG, Evergreen 200 mJ per pulse up to 15Hz
  • Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP), Met-Flow UVP-DUO MX + set of transducers
  • Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) system, ITS P2+
  • Phase Doppler Interferometer and Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) (1 component)
  • Three X-ray sources
  • ~2m OD rotary stage with <15 arc second repeatability & 8-axis linear stage system on the rotary stage
  • >3m long flat plate with gas injectors and instrumentation for towing tank testing
  • 2D & Stereo PIV software

Standard equipment:

DAQs, cameras & lenses, >20 flow meters (e.g. Coriolis from <20 gpm to >400 gpm), >20 gas flow meters, 3 LVDTs, >6 workstation computers, filters, IIIa continuous laser, >20 pumps (water and slurry) & >10 VFDs (from 50 Hp to <1/10Hp), >100 p & dp transducers, conductivity probes, signal generators, oscilloscopes, capacitive level sensors, radar level sensors, >20 RTDs, >40 level switches, scales, load cells, microscope, drill press, etc.